Fit To Clean

Professional Cleaning Service

Fit to Clean is the premier custom cleaning service of Blue Mountain. Serving the area since 2012, we know what it takes to keep homes, chalets and cottages at Ontario’s prettiest playground pristine. 

Property Safety Checks

Fit to Clean is your dependable and professional resource to look after your home when you’re not there. We will provide exterior and interior property inspection to ensure your home is in safe and proper working order.

Whether you’re away for the winter or only up occasionally, Fit to Clean will take care of your residence. You won’t have to wonder if the sump pump is working after the storm, or if the pipes froze when the temperature dropped.

Fit to Clean will maintain scheduled daily/weekly/monthly checks. If concerns arise Fit to Clean will contact you and your provider immediately should something occur in your absence. Your home is not exempt from small or large scale disaster. No one wants to think this may happen but unfortunately it sometimes does. Fit to clean will create and provide you with a full report document (with photos, time, location and date)

We check sump pumps, plumbing, water, electrical, heat, appliances, windows, doors (points of entry) as well as an interior and exterior overview. Click here for a full comprehensive check list

Having Fit to Clean provide routine checks will give you ease and comfort knowing your home is in good hands.

Note; There’s a limit to how long you can leave your home unoccupied and continue to have full insurance coverage. Each insurance company has different policies. Check with your agent to determine your requirements and coverage.

Property checks and services can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Fit to Clean will provide you with a complete report of inspections.