Fit To Clean

Professional Cleaning Service

Fit to Clean is the premier custom cleaning service of Blue Mountain. Serving the area since 2012, we know what it takes to keep homes, chalets and cottages at Ontario’s prettiest playground pristine. 


Fit to Clean not only keeps the inside of your home looking good, but the outside too. We offer basic gardening including planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, deadheading, transplanting, edging, pruning and mulching.

Fit to Clean will happily manage your flower beds, veggie gardens, baskets, pots and planters.

If you don’t have the time, ability or desire to maintain your gardens, rely on Fit to Clean to give them the tender love and care they deserve. Sit back and enjoy your garden without exerting the extensive time and labour required to keep them healthy and maintained.

Watch your garden grow and transform into a beautiful breath of fresh air.